Performer Profile

Joaquin Gustav

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Joaquin is a guitarist, composer who has gained
national popularity with his gifted guitar playing and agile musical imagination.

He is the lead guitarist and arranger for Quijotes, a well known latin rock band in

His recent collaboration with percussionist Andrea Alvarez resulted in the award
winning CD - Asado y Sidenafil. He has collaborated on the musical scores for a
number of hit theatre productions including: “Enrulados Derechos”, “Buga” and
“Donde estan las chcas?”

His formal musical education included graduating from the Music Popular School E.P.M.,
S.A.D.E.M. in Argentina. Since 1999, he has taught music focusing on jazz, rock and
South American genres such as tango, milonga and candombe.

Performing live in Second Life as Joaquin Gustav he has charmed fans with his unique
brand of Latin sizzle.