Performer Profile

Alex Mays

Born and raised in rural North Carolina, he grew up listening to his father play guitar and sing.
At the age of ten his father gave him an acoustic guitar and started teaching Alex to play.
He began learning his fatherís favorites of old time rock and roll and country. By the age of
15, Alex began trying his hand at songwriting and singing. He moved from his rural upbringing to
Kalamazoo, Michigan at the age of 20. Alex began playing the Kalamazoo circuit and branched out
into blues, jazz, and even tried his hand at bluegrass.

Alex Mays has been writing music for over 15 years. Styles ranging from Rock, Blues, Southern
Rock and Jazz. Alex could never settle for one kind of music. Keeping music true and from the
heart is his belief.

Now living in Kalamazoo, MI, Alex plays all over the world with different rhythm sections of
choice. At his show you might also hear quite a range of stlyes.,covers and originals